Solution to Getting "Vim: Caught deadly signal ABRT" after install python via homebrew

Due to the new System Integrity Protection (SIP) mechanism which is introduced with OSX 10.11 El captain, pip is nearly scrapped unless disable the SIP. However, if you are a python 3.X supporter who never use python 2.X again, you can simply install pyhon 3.X via Homebrew and skip this post.

But for most people, especially for who uses YCM, python 2.X is a necessity.

If you want to use python 2.X which is installed via homebrew, and want it to cooperate with YCM. You may encounter such a problem that vim could suddenly exit with an error message – ‘Vim: Caught deadly signal ABRT’.

This problem is discuss HERE, and I found the successful solution which resolved my problem.

  1. Uninstall vim via brew uninstall vim command, this is a compulsory step. You have to unintall vim before the successive steps.
  2. If you have install python 2.X via homebrew, unintsall it!
  3. Install python: brew install python --framework.
  4. Install Vim: brew install vim.
  5. Reinstall your Vim plugins via vundle.
  6. Re-compile your YCM: python ./ --clang-completer.
  7. Enjoy it!

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